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Entrepreneurship is very crucial for the growth of the global economy at large. For those who might not be more familiar with what entrepreneurship is, it is the process of using innovation and creativity to identify and manage risks in the process of creating and growing businesses. Whether you are starting an entrepreneurial venture or a new corporation, you need to consider hiring a professional attorney specialized in business law to guide you step by step on how to go about the entire process. Eitan Neishlos is one of the corporate law professionals in South Africa and has aimed to help both the locals and foreigners interested in venturing into new entrepreneurial opportunities in South Africa. Eitan Neishlos has founded the Resonance group of companies and is currently the managing director of the Resonance Australia. One of the most important roles of entrepreneurship in the growth of the economy is providing new job opportunities to help boost the living standards of individuals by fighting poverty, and this can be well seen in the case of Eitan Neishlos’s Resonance Australia which has helped provide jobs all over Australia.

Entrepreneurship is not a field that can accommodate anyone as the entrepreneurs have to portray a number of unique characteristics which have helped Eitan Neishlos in his or her entrepreneurial roles. Invention is actually coming up with a something new, for example new products and services or even processes while innovation is improving the existing processes and products to meet the individual needs and requirements of the customers, and in regard to this case, Eitan Neishlos has proved to be both innovative and creative in his or her management work due to the adoption of the latest technology to improve the processes, products, and services provided by the Resource group companies he has founded. Eitan Neishlos is an individual that has goals works very hard to achieve them, a very important thing that every entrepreneur needs to have for the success of his or her business and story. Self-motivating is one of the key characteristics of most successful entrepreneurs around the world and this has been clearly portrayed by Eitan Neishlos both in his studies and in business life. Many multinational organizations that Eitan Neishlos has worked in have significantly grown on a day to day basis due to the professional management skills and the impact that Eitan Neishlos left in them. In Eitan’s career life, he has managed to work in a number of tech based entrepreneurial firms which have greatly promoted his or her creativity and innovation levels. Eitan Neishlos career as a professional and experienced corporate lawyer has also made him very popular around the world as many entrepreneurs are going for his legal services when forming new enterprises and when they face lawsuits that may require his legal help.

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