A Guide on How to Pick the Right Glass Frame for Your Face

Today, almost 11 million people in the United States have a visual problem requiring wearing glasses. After an eye examination, an optician will recommend the most appropriate lens to correct the visual impairment, but you will be the one to decide on the most suitable frame. No doubt, it can be confusing and challenging to pick the most suitable glass frame, and the solution is using the information in this coach eyewear buying guide. In this coach eyewear buying guide, you will find useful tips for buying a suitable frame for your face. In as much as you want to correct the visual impairment, the frame that you choose should not compromise your natural beauty. In this article, you will learn how to choose perfect glasses based on your face shape, skin, tone, personality.

First and foremost, you should look into your face shape. Determining your face shape involves measuring your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and face length. Some of the common face shapes are oval, diamond-shaped, and square. Square-shaped frames are usually ideal for individuals with an oval-shaped face. Your decision regarding suitable glass frame should not be entirely based on your face shape, but also your personality. In this coach eyewear buying guide, you will find more information regarding the options you have when buying a glass frame for your face.

Next, you should learn about the round face. A round face shape is characterized by full cheeks, with a gentle jawline. This makes glass frames with gentle and soft features and ideal option. However, if you don’t like round shaped frames, you can consider buying a frame with evenly proportioned square or rectangular frames. In this coach eyewear buying guide, you will find out how to pick perfect frames for a round face. Individuals with a square-shaped face should consider buying frames that are either oval or round. People with square face are lucky since they can experiment with a wider variety of styles, but this is limited to frames which are round.

Face measurement can also depict a diamond face. If your measurements show that you have a diamond face, you should go for cat-eye glasses. A cat-eye glass frame is appropriate for achieving a complete and balanced look. Check out this coach eyewear buying guide to find out more about the other face shapes. No doubt, choosing a glass frame based on face shape can be an overwhelming and challenging task. There are versatile options in the market that you can opt for if you don’t want to use your face shape. In this coach eyewear buying guide, you will learn how to pick glass frames based on skin tone.

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